Points Rummy

How to Play Points Rummy?

Points Rummy is also called as Strikes Rummy. Before the start of the game, players can set the point value for each game accordingly. The game is very simple, the first player who places a valid show wins the game.

Type of Game Points Rummy

Players per table2 2 to 6

Decks 2

Maximum Loss (per round) 80 Points

Wrong Show 80 Points Loss

Auto Drop Yes

Drop point Details First Drop - 10, Middle Drop - 30, Full Count - 80

Drop & Move Yes

Leave next game Yes

Re-Join No

Points Rummy Rules:

• Each game continues for one round only

• Winnings is calculated as =[Point Value X Sum of the value of opponent points] - Classic Rummy Fee

• Among all players, the first player who places a legitimate show is declared the winner

• A combination of one pure sequence and one impure sequence is compulsory in every winning hand.

• Players cannot use the same card twice in a set, with two decks in use.

• In case, the player leave the table in between the game, they will have to give up their entry fee

• In casea player is disconnected from the game, an autoplay feature will turn on.

• In a 6 player tableAutoplay feature work for 3 rounds while 5 rounds in a 2 player table, and after that the game will be dropped

• In case the player consumes all of their buy-in chips, a Re-Entry option will pop up. Your balance will be updated after every game.

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